IT Translation

Information Technology touches almost every aspect of human life, from business and education to leisure and rest. Personal computers, cell phones, fax machines and the Internet have not only become an integral part of the technical development but also play a significant role in our daily activities, allowing countries separated by language and distance to share information and to communicate with each other. No business companies can ignore the necessity of translation of its information resources into a variety of languages.

IT translation requires competent translation experts with the requisite translation skills, experience and very importantly, the domain expertise in software and IT.

We regularly work with some of the well known IT companies based in India and abroad to meet their language translation requirements. Our translators have the experience and expertise in handling translation of software and complex IT projects. With us, you are assured of reliable translations and timely completion of your projects.

All of our IT translators have access to glossaries, IT dictionaries and industry specific terms, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent across even the large projects.

Wherever possible, we use translation memory tools to ensure consistency. TM tools help increase quality, enhance efficiency and keep the consistency of the translations throughout the project apart from increasing the output. We can import translation memories from your other projects and even create new translation memories from existing translations thereby making it easy to make use of existing translations to ensure consistency.

Our IT translation services include translation of:

  • Software documentation
  • Telecommunications
  • Help text
  • Training material
  • User interface

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