Medical Translation

We provide professional Medical Translation Services to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Translating medical documents and medical terms cannot be entrusted to a person who simply speaks the required language. Only specialist native translators are engaged to translate medical documents having knowledge of medical terminology. To translate medical text effectively, both words and fluid concepts need to be adequately replaced with the target language. Translators also take into account cultural terms, expressions, and idioms that have bearing on the meaning of the content. Often words, sentences, and expressions have several and conflicting meanings in other languages, so translators have to work cautiously in translating such texts.

For the past 10+ years, we have been providing specialised medical translation services in clinical trial documents, consent documents, patient records, medical journals, pharmaceutical research documents, to various medical/research companies, directly and indirectly, based across the globe.

All of our medical translators have access to glossaries, medical dictionaries and industry specific terms, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent across even the large projects.

Wherever possible, we use translation memory tools to ensure consistency. TM tools help increase quality, enhance efficiency and keep the consistency of the translations throughout the project apart from increasing the output. We can import translation memories from your other projects and even create new translation memories from existing translations thereby making it easy to make use of existing translations to ensure consistency.

Our medical translation services include translation of:

  • Clinical – Informed consent documents, Protocols, Reports
  • R & D
  • Publicity Material – Training, Packaging etc.
  • Medical equipment - Instruction manuals, brochures and software.
  • Medical documents such as health related instructions manuals, patient information and history records etc.
  • User guides for medical staff and patients
  • General medical documents

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