Language Localist provides subtitling solutions that enable production companies to make their existing audio visual programs readable for foreign language audiences without replacing the original soundtrack.

Almost every form of video requires subtitling in multiple languages. International markets are of critical importance for the success of educational and entertainment video content, thus subtitling is an essential pre-requisite to the success of these ventures in international markets.

Subtitling involves much more than a simple translation; it involves a highly technical and precise process to ensure that the audience is able to understand every scene with spoken or written content.

We can provide subtitling for the following:

  • Film
  • Video
  • DVD
  • Television
  • TV Commercials
  • Corporate Presentations

For training films and feature length movies, cost-effective solutions are offered that fit your screen and your budget. For non-English titles, we “localise” the text to make sure that it fits not only the filmed action but also the larger cultural context.