Transcription Services

Language Localist is an accurate and reliable transcription service provider. At Language Localist, the transcriptors are chosen for their linguistic skills in addition to their expertise in specialized fields. We not only translate transcripts and other documents, but also transcribe recordings in most of the languages we cover.

  • We offer a whole range of transcription services - from medical, to legal to general transcription.
  • We work with skilled professionals.
  • We believe in confidentiality.
  • We provide quick and affordable service.
  • We focus on cultivating a long-term relationship with our customers while helping them meet their immediate goals.

Depending on the content, most jobs are delivered within 2/3 business days. Given that there can be a wide amount of variation among different projects; we will be able to give you an exact estimate upon receiving a sample of the audio.

Our rates are very reasonable. During estimation stage several factors are taken into consideration such as quality of your audio file, volume of work and the kind of output you need (verbatim transcript or edited). Let us know about your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote.