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Definitions: "We", "Our" and "Us" means Language Localist. "You" and "Your" means the company or person who may use this site or our services.


We hereby officially announce that we (Language Localist) are in no way involved or associated with other translation and interpreting companies of the same name. Although the possible use of our name and reputation by other companies is beyond our immediate control, we would like to, without prejudice, apologise for any inconvenience or confusion that may have been caused by any claims made by these other companies. We therefore, will not and cannot be held responsible or accept any liability for any loss or damages, in any form whatsoever, incurred through the use of or any claims made against other companies that may be trading under the same name.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms of use carefully. The use of this site or our services constitutes acceptance of these terms.

We reserve the right to change or alter these terms at any time.

We will endeavour to respect and safeguard your information. No information supplied by you to us will be passed on to or shared with any third parties whatsoever, except for the purpose of completing the assignment. However, your information may be used by us, for our own marketing purposes and to inform you of any new services.

We reserve the right to make amendment to the fees for the use of our services without prior notice.

Any verbal quotations that we may give are for guidance only. They are not binding upon us and are subject to written confirmation on receipt of the text for translation.

We reserve the right to make additional charges to the quoted amount, if after commencement of translation; changes to the source text are advised or made by you.

Whilst we have a good reputation for prompt delivery, we will not be held responsible for any delays. We accept no liability for the consequences of any delay in completion of work caused by you and in this event any agreed deadlines shall become void and new dates must be negotiated. Also, should the completion of work be needed sooner than the agreed deadline, we reserve the right to make additional charges to cover any overtime requirements or for any other costs incurred?

Any documents or property supplied to us will be held or dealt with by us at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any consequential loss or damage thereto.

We shall not be required to translate any material which in our opinion is or may be of illegal or libellous nature. Where copyright exists in texts to be translated by us, you shall warrant that you have obtained all consents required for such translation to be made. Also, we shall be indemnified by you in respect for any claims, proceedings, costs and expenses arising from any libellous material printed for you, or any infringement of copyright, patent, design or third party rights.

The copyright of our delivered services will remain our property until all payments have been received in full.

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